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BLIND OBEDIENCE Continued.... cut the strings of obedient death and set your mind free".MP Or choose 2 Refuse the first negative thought of your time lived and know a life lived is always worth living till the end, be free and know there is no price to live, no need for sorrow to enjoy the time you lived, the past and future is your present, recollection should be enjoyed knowing it was lived by you and you only, no strings on you through acceptance of a new, a new realization of knowing a choice is always there for you to choose, go to death on your terms, cutting the strings of life with no fear, your time is near, so hand the strings over and end in cheer". "Rebel against death to give life to the blind and unseen, cut the strings of obedient death and set your mind free".MP
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obedience continued refuse negative thought worth living price live sorrow enjoy future present recollection enjoyed lived acceptance realization knowing choice choose terms cutting fear time hand cheer rebel give life blind unseen cut strings obedient death set mind free

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