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"Blind obedience everywhere, of lives unliving through time so dear , instead of life in the now and clear, reaching for precious life is now no longer here, the day will come when you are near the end now so clear, looking back with tears of the years past, now you wish a chance to never leave, the life you should have lived so now you grieve, past time will become you, will be you and will end you, Rebel against death to give life to the blind and unseen, cut the strings of obedient death and set your mind free".MP In the end you have a choice: Obey and never see the life you have lived, no matter the thought worth of your life, it was yours blindly lived and so now you die in realization of the strings ushering you into obedient death, a blind death is your willing end, even with a syith in your hand, yet strings never fear its blade, because blind obedience is here, the strings are in the clear and you are no longer here, Rebel against death to give life to the blind and unseen, cu
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lives unliving dear reaching precious day tears years chance leave grieve time cut set mind free choice obey matter thought worth blindly lived die realization ushering obedient syith hand fear blade obedience strings clear longer rebel death give life blind unseen

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