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Brandnew or shape it in whichever way diz single hit street lyrics hustle anthem... Kobet nah success sure pass after death and life is still goes on I no fit kill myself and nah fit blow myself baba loke gbadurami je mi connect insufficient account to sun jeka jo kobet mo ti forget poverty is fi mi le mi o back e tan olorun lolana fun mi I can't sing a song but now I'm singing ringing banging Lori beat yi.... I no fit kill myself mo fe jaye fun MI ni client to wire account make I be on fire turnaround situation MI ki ba alanu pade....
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brandnew shape diz single hit street lyrics hustle anthem success pass death life nah blow baba loke gbadurami connect insufficient sun jeka kobet forget poverty tan olorun lolana sing song singing ringing banging lori beat fit kill jaye fun client wire account fire turnaround situation alanu pade

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