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Brown skinned child, you have undermined yourself for too long. You have sold yourself too low for too long. You have let yourself to be used to fulfill others' dreams for too long. You have live with second opinions of others because you didn't believe in yourself enough. Let me tell you this today, you are capable of achieving great things, you got the brains like anyone else God created to serve his purpose. You got all it takes to be the best you could. Stop hiding behind your background, stop hiding behind your cowardice, stop hiding behind your laziness, stop hiding behind your excuses, stop shifting your responsibilities, stop blaming others for your failures. Stop your insecurities and start believing in "you can and you will" mentality. Stand up and take action and be ready to account for your all your actions.
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brown skinned child undermined sold fulfill dreams long live opinions today capable achieving great brains god created serve purpose takes background cowardice laziness hiding excuses shifting responsibilities blaming failures stop insecurities start believing mentality stand action ready account actions

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