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Bye, because there was no light that lit darkness that fucks the night. Bye because all I do is wait for the blood to fall without the knife. Bye because I always see the issue. There are only three words that treat me with kindness and three that treat with hate. I love you has been never heard. I hate you has been always treated with care. It takes me three seconds to make a decision. Three I love you and I hate you to make it through. To cut off a brain to match the words. I was happy but now never. Was what made me break? Until I saw that I was not only a ghost but I could see them. No one wanted that. I could be broken down into a word. Weird. Tissue muscles and organs, Could be cut by that word. I live in pain. Body kept into a cage of bones and my own religion. Feeling cut into pieces of rib and meat together. Having to tell lies to make me stop. Because there is a skin puppet that is controlled by the Others. Cold and Bare. And the body that has no fucking words and fades into
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light lit darkness fucks night wait blood fall knife bye issue kindness treat heard treated care takes seconds decision love hate brain match happy break ghost wanted broken weird tissue muscles organs word live pain cage bones religion feeling cut pieces rib meat lies stop skin puppet controlled cold bare body fucking words fades

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