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Christian - is almost always pessimistic: Hell period. A reincarnation in Buddhism - it is always optimistic: they give you a second chance during rebirth and third and fourth and fifth and sixth and seventh, and so on.. But there is some relationship between the ghosts and deja vu. Perhaps we are stuck on a certain life for that to live it faithfully and religiously, without sins, and then we get to heaven and become angels. We had long since dead as ghosts stuck at a certain time in a certain life. Our relatives and friends are experiencing a completely different kind of life scenarios. For example, if you're a man and your wife in one life out of you, and the other for someone else. Dream: I am a teenager, I had a dream and saw the passing of the chain of the world directly into space, all fulfilled their life's mission. All of humanity and with us in the middle was God himself (it's huge with a white beard dressed in white). And there in the end I saw the Devil (he is also a huge b
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