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Conquer! Where you're not wanted, take over. Don't be daunted. Don't hide under the cover. Let the place be haunted. No makeover. Might is right. I don't give a fuck if you're White. Or if you're Black, or if you have a hundred stacks. When I'm hungry, I'm takin' my snacks. I want a Rolls Royce. I want women of my choice. Wherever I'm at I'm speakin' my voice. If I'm in a FBI office, I'm makin' some noise, not keepin' my poise. I'm so powerful I can turn Catherine into Kevin. I'm so powerful I can make Hell Heaven. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conquer wanted daunted hide cover place haunted makeover give fuck white black stacks hungry takin snacks rolls royce women choice speakin voice fbi office makin noise keepin poise turn catherine kevin powerful hell heaven joshua aaron guillory

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