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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (1/11) [A True Make-Believe Story/Make-Believe True Story] Me and my Arab Princess, Sahita, are enjoying a nice, hot romantic evening! We're eating a lovely dinner which we helped cook together! And while we're eating we begin discussing life and things like that! My Arabian princess always amazes me because she is amazing! Sahita: O Josh, I just love you so much and am thankful to Allah for giving us this wonderful time together! Josh: Me too, Sahita! Allah is most Gracious and Merciful! Sahita: Josh, I know we're very close and have done a great job being romantically involved together but I think we should become even more intimate! We have so much time, health and strength! Let's make the best of it! or out of it! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation true story arab enjoying nice hot romantic evening lovely dinner helped cook eating discussing life arabian princess amazes amazing love thankful giving wonderful allah gracious merciful sahita josh close great job romantically involved intimate time health strength joshua aaron guillory

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