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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (2/11) Josh: O yes, dear! I know exactly what you mean! I enjoy kissing you and treating you like the Queen you are! I love opening the door for you when we get in and out the car! And I love our car! Our Rolls Royce! And you know who I love more than any and everything and just as much as anything/everything [ha-ha]? Sahita: Who, prince? Josh: You! Sahita: Oh how sweet, Josh! Give me a hug, honey! Josh: Okay! [Narration] I give her a hug and we hold hands and each other! Sahita: Josh, I want to be a real woman for you! I want to give my heart and body to you! I want to give you what is holy and divine! Myself! Anything Allah creates or is is holy! Josh: You can say that again! And likewise! We were made for each other! We're the perfect couple or relationship! I wanted a real woman and I got a real woman! You! And I still want a real woman though I'm content and satisfied with her! You! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation dear enjoy kissing treating queen opening door car rolls royce love prince sweet honey narration hug hold hands sahita heart body give divine allah creates holy josh perfect couple relationship wanted real woman content satisfied joshua aaron guillory

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