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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (3/11) Sahita: If it wasn't for you and my faithful devotion to Allah I probably would have gave up the religion of Islam! I just wanted to get away from all the arrogant Muslim women and men who waste their lives away pretending they're better than others! Neither you or I think we're better than others! We just know we're living a better lifestyle for us relative to our lifestyle! Which to some degree makes us better than others! Josh: You said it perfectly, princess-queen! I don't want none of those trashy-classy women! I want a real woman like you! I want you! Together forever! Sahita: You're a true Muslim, Joshua! You may not go to the mosques as most of us do but you're a true Muslim! If Allah was a man, he would be you! You're the perfect man is my eyes! Josh: Why thank you, Sahita! You're the perfect woman in my eyes! The perfect Allah or Alisha! or Sahita [ha-ha]! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation faithful devotion gave religion islam wanted arrogant men waste lives pretending living relative lifestyle degree perfectly princess queen trashy classy women real mosques true muslim man josh woman eyes perfect allah alisha sahita joshua aaron guillory

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