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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (5/11) Sahita: You're a strong man, Josh! I like my men strong and weak! And you are the perfect balance between them both! Weak is strong and strong is weak! Josh: Likewise, my Arabian goddess! I'm going to go brush my teeth! I'm going to give my mouth a thorough cleansing! Sahita: Me too! and afterwards let's kiss and cuddle and watch the fire and candlelights! Josh: That sounds great! I can't wait! Actually I can! I must! ha-ha! Sahita: ha-ha! You're so funny and cute, Josh! Josh: You, too, bu-bu! [Narration] We go to each a restroom in our mansion or castle-house! And afterwards I meet her in the hall or corridor and we make-out with kisses and touching! Josh: Sahita, your lips are so soft and juicy and your skin beautiful to look at and touch! Sahita: You're getting me horny, Josh! Josh: That's good! That's what I want to!.....do! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation man men perfect balance strong weak arabian goddess brush teeth give mouth cleansing kiss cuddle watch fire candlelights sounds great wait funny cute narration restroom mansion castle house meet hall corridor kisses touching lips soft juicy skin beautiful touch sahita horny josh good joshua aaron guillory

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