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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (7/11) Sahita: You're my baby forever! Josh: You're my mommy and mother baby forever, too! She begins rubbing her feet on my cock and I'm in a daze as usual! She puts me in a state of surrender much of the time - to some degree all the time! Sahita: O Josh, just let it happen! Surrender to me and you always do! [Narration] I keep making mumbling noises as someone who is powerless and yet I have power! And then we proceed to taking each other's clothes off! And [I/we] hear the sound of my belt as she pulls my pants down! Sometimes she or I will take it off first and then take the pants off but she just pulls them down and I pull down her dress and start rubbing on her pussy and fingering her! Sahita: O Josh, that feels so good! I'm yours, baby! [Narration] She begins mumbling words that sound something like this: oh oh ouu ah lah la la bum ma [ha-ha] Sex noises are the praises of God and to God! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation mommy mother feet cock daze usual puts state degree time happen surrender making powerless power proceed clothes hear belt pants pulls pull dress start rubbing pussy fingering sahita josh feels good baby narration begins mumbling words sound ouu lah bum sex noises praises god joshua aaron guillory

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