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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (8/11) Sahita: You know how to rub me perfectly, both gently and hastily! Josh: I'm your man - your perfect man! I know you and I know what to do! [Narration] She begins grabbing and jerking my cock! And moistening it up with mouth-moisturizer! And we keep kissing and touching and suddenly I approach my cock inside her and she jumps on me and it like a ballerina or a fly on shit! Sahita: O I love bouncing on this cock! Fuck me good! I'm your bitch forever! Yeahhhh! daddy! yeaahhh! Josh: Ohhhhhh God! This is not saying the Lord's name in vain! This is worshiping him! If this is vanity, I confess to my sin and love it! Sahita: Allah is proud of this fucking you're giving me! It feels like I'm fucking Allah! Josh: You are! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation rub perfectly gently hastily perfect man narration begins grabbing jerking moistening mouth moisturizer kissing touching suddenly approach jumps ballerina fly shit bouncing cock fuck good bitch yeahhhh daddy yeaahhh ohhhhhh god lord vain worshiping vanity confess sin love sahita proud giving feels fucking allah josh joshua aaron guillory

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