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Conversation with Josh, Benny, Judy & Sarah (11/14) Sarah: I will do this to you guys tonight! and in a few, too! I like grabbing you both from behind and individually rubbing on your chest and massaging your cock and things like that! I like when the both of you suck my thumb! Judy puts you in a daze, Josh! You're Judy's bitch! and my bitch too! Judy said although you're a strong teacher for the Nation of Islam and other Black Nationalist or Supremacist organizations you're a White woman's bitch! but a good one! And she knows you can differentiate from the White evils and White love! You're a true man and a powerful one! And she respects you on that level and must! But she and I have put both you and Benny through initiation - our initiation - the initiation of bitch! or bitching! or bitchification! or bitchliness! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation sarah guys tonight grabbing individually rubbing chest massaging cock suck thumb puts daze josh judy strong teacher nation islam black nationalist supremacist organizations woman good differentiate evils white love true man powerful respects level benny initiation bitch bitching bitchification bitchliness joshua aaron guillory

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