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Conversation with Josh, Benny, Judy & Sarah (3/14) Joshua: Likewise! Sarah! Aw thank you, guys! Joshua, you do so many things that shock me! Me and Judy! Judy just comes up and starts talking! We greet her and she greets us! Judy: Sorry guys I took so long! I know you all miss me! Me & Benny: Sure we do! Josh: No need to apologize! You're perfect and we understand! But I like when you apologize! It's sexy and it turns me on! Judy: I love turning you on! We need to cuddle more often! Come by the house later and, you and Benny, because me and Sarah have something special for you! Sarah: Yes! I already told them, Judy! Judy: So that means you're ready and willing then! ha-ha Benny: ha-ha! Yes Josh: ha-ha! Yes, indeed! Sarah: Back to you shocking me, Joshua! You're really unique and I get shocked by a lot of things you do! It's new to me or feels new to me! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation shock starts talking greet greets guys long perfect understand apologize sexy turns love turning cuddle house special told judy means ready benny josh sarah shocking unique shocked lot feels joshua aaron guillory

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