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Conversation with Josh, Benny, Judy & Sarah (4/14) Josh: I know what you mean! I'm shocked too sometimes! And I love it! To the point being shocked is not being shocked! Sarah: See what I mean! Judy: I know what you mean, Judy! Benny: Me too! Joshua: Me three! I really do know what you mean! Sarah! I know! I'm shocked! ha-ha! Benny! I'm shocked that you're shocked! Judy: I'm unshocked or once shocked! ha-ha! Josh! I'll be shocked again soon! or again shocked! Benny: I wanna cry on you Judy and Sarah! Judy: Feel free, anytime, Benny! Sarah: Yes, Benny! Josh: Me too, I wan't to cry on you, too! In a cuddly-wuddly way! Judy & Sarah: Yes, our dear prince/princess! Josh: ha-ha! Benny: ha-ha! Josh: Thank you, babies! cute babies! Judy: I love being called a baby! Sarah: Me too, Judy! I almost called you Sarah! ha-ha! Josh: I think your apologizing was perfect, Judy! Sarah: See what I mean! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation point unshocked shocked wanna feel free anytime wan cry cuddly wuddly dear prince princess benny cute babies love baby called josh apologizing perfect judy sarah joshua aaron guillory

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