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Conversation with Josh, Benny, Judy & Sarah (9/14) Sarah: Judy's right! You're safe in our arms and in our hearts and between our legs! ha-ha! Bitchliness is the way of life! The only true way of life! Judy: And if you're gonna be hardcore, be a hardcore bitch! Josh: Oh I love this bitchliness talk! O I really, really, really love this bitchliness talk! Benny: Bitchliness is the only talk and the only true talk! Judy: We like it when the two of you put it to us real good! or hard! We need to be soft women; it's our nature, and it's yours! Sarah: Yes! Indeed! I love to get it real good, too! And I also like to give it to you all real good to! And I like to give it to Judy real good too! Josh & Benny: Yes! Yes! Judy: 69s I love and the strapon you use on me, Sarah! I love when you play my body like music with your hands and tongue! I love being objectified and objectifying men and women! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation safe arms hearts legs life gonna hardcore bitch bitchliness true talk hard soft nature give real good josh benny judy 69s strapon sarah play body music hands tongue love objectified objectifying men women joshua aaron guillory

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