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Conversation with Joshua And Dunkin (Part 10 of 34) If I change words or add or subtract from it [it] doesn't mean it's not original! The truth of it is the same and has never changed or be[en] added or subtracted! It's infinitely in harmony, unity, and the same! Like a faction that dissents with the group within the group, the faction is still fact or real or true! That are apart of truth or true! They are original! Words are relative! Infinitely relative! Dunkin: And a faction sees [or can see] things that improve or they want to improve or make right or correct in the group [or with the group] and the group dissents from the change! Or the group itself is wanting to improve or make things better, as they see it, but the smaller group or the group within the group doesn't want or agree to this! etc.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation part add subtract changed added subtracted harmony unity fact real truth true original words infinitely relative dunkin faction sees correct dissents change wanting improve smaller group agree joshua aaron guillory

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