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Conversation with Joshua And Dunkin (Part 21 of 34) Dunkin: Right! And I was thinking about heat & hot just as head for the word Ra! or Height or Head, as the head is the highest or visibly highest of the body in that vertical or normally seen & [or] considered position! You may have already mentioned that in our conversation today! or of the Allday/alldays process or state! In the RIGHT position! or so-called right position or posture! in the standing that is! or sitting! As the sun sits/sets! Ra sits! & anger is hot, upsets or upsits! Or set-up as in intelligently manipulating, or handling of the mind! Manus root or source of manipulation/manipulate means head! & even being lifted up only to be brought down can be a form of a setup or set-up! Down from up! Or to sit up on high! Sometimes people or things can set you up for success! for glory, honor or victory! True honor or what they think or is contained in that word honor, or glory! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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part dunkin thinking heat height visibly highest body vertical considered mentioned conversation today allday alldays process state called position posture standing sitting sun sets sits anger hot upsets upsits intelligently manipulating handling mind manus root source manipulation manipulate means head lifted brought form setup sit high people set success victory true contained word honor glory joshua aaron guillory

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