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Conversation with Joshua And Dunkin (Part 22 of 34) Josh: I agree! even glory! the glow of re/ray/ra/ry! The shining of the Sun as the Sun or Sun rays! or, of, Rah/Ra, or Re/Rey! GLOW-RA GLO-RY! GLOW-RE! Dunkin: Perfect! Even sit up! Sit up right or upright! Caput ca pu t! T up ac! Up is head! Capital! It's not just men, but God, and of course men as God, or man as god, woman being men too, or man, and woman! or woman! Peace!.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation part josh agree glory ray shining sun rays rah rey glo glow dunkin perfect sit upright caput head capital god men man woman peace joshua aaron guillory

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