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Conversation with Joshua And Dunkin (Part 30 of 34) Josh: Remember, if you choose, that everything in the universe is free! And everything that is within and the universal speed or speeds of infinitude or omnipresence control that which is after it! Or the imagination of it manifested the harded [or harder] or more matter or material! And in some ways vice versa or in reverse order! The wind or force within the Sun controls the Sun and the Space within the Wind! and or Sun! The space is omnipresent! Omnipresent speed or speeds! So is the wind and light [visible] in relation to it or as apart of it! Space is free and that is the head! The ruler! ru/ro/ra/re/ri-ler! The law and rule! the el and al as mind! or of mind! The controlling force or fixed onimpresence or permenance or impermanence! the i'm or om permanence! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation dunkin part josh remember choose universe universal infinitude omnipresence control imagination manifested harded harder matter material ways vice versa reverse order controls sun omnipresent speed speeds wind light visible relation space free head ruler ler law rule mind controlling force fixed onimpresence permenance impermanence permanence joshua aaron guillory

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