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Conversation with Joshua And Dunkin (Part 31 of 34) Dunkin: You or we can only become what we are! We are space! The space, wind, fire, water and matter! Or the space, wind, sun, water and matter! The magnetic-electric stay! The space, the wind, the fire, the water, the matter! Even if we are space the space is controlling our matter! the space is controlling our water! The space is controlling our sun! the space is controlling our wind or breath or force or motion or thought! etc. And we can only and must only harmonize with our perfect self! All things are possible! All things are possible to him that believes! to her that believes! Lives as the being or existence or non-existence called space! Empty space! that is! It's free and the precedent or authority for all and all to follow! We must be free! And everything is free!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation part dunkin magnetic electric stay fire matter water sun controlling wind breath force motion thought harmonize perfect believes lives existence called empty space precedent authority follow free joshua aaron guillory

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