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Conversation with Joshua And Dunkin (Part 4 of 34) Josh: Thanks, Dunkin, for listening and explaining! Dunkin: How about with the word right? What can you tell me [or inform me] about that? Josh: Well, right is related to rate! and rite! What we rate high or as the height is what we consider right! As Ra, or Re, the Sun, or Sun God, or God as the Sun! As above so below! As without so within! And a lot of times what we consider right or what we rate high is according to the rite we are apart of or the rite we rate or think high of! Whether religious, political, traditional, cultural, inner, etc.! or that word many people use to free themselves from the bondage of religious or political or traditional or cultural stereotypes or tyranny and at the same time to feel high or right about themselves, ''SPIRITUALITY'', or spiritual, or spirit! etc! or in themselves! as themselves! or another! or with another!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation part listening explaining dunkin inform josh related height god sun lot times rite rate word people free bondage religious political traditional cultural stereotypes tyranny time feel high spirituality spiritual spirit joshua aaron guillory

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