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Conversation with Joshua And Dunkin (Part 6 of 34) Even hate, which rhymes with rate, can be right, or the height of love or what's good, or goodness! Hating evil or that which hinders the mission or message from being perfect or complete at its highest level, despite all things working together for good! Being able to understand that, the relativity of it, is right or good! What's right is real! As Real is related to Ra/Re or REal! And what's real is what we SEE! or sight! or what we SEE IN, or insight! or inside! Dunkin: This is sounding good, Josh, really good! Josh: And REal also is reAL! and AL is the Hebrew or Canaanite word for GOD! or GOD! And ''al'' or ''Al/AL'' in English means ''of or relating to''! What we consider real we relate to God or as God! Everything relative to us, especially that [or what] we consider or call good, we say is GOD, or from or apart of GOD! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation part hate rhymes rate height love goodness hating evil hinders mission message perfect complete highest level working understand relativity related sight insight dunkin sounding josh hebrew canaanite word english means relating real relate relative call good god joshua aaron guillory

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