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Conversation with Li about life, sex, molestation, love, etc (Part 13 of 40) And Hara, in Sanskrit, is the title of the God or god Shiva, is the god of the ''first'' order, and who, in his character of ''Destroyer'', is supposedly higher than Vishnu [or Hari, the Preserver or Protector], destroys only to regenerate on a higher plane! And that's what I'm trying to get you to do! I'm trying but I'm not trying! I'm trying to take us to a higher level! The throne awaits you and I! We are already on it! We must know it! and justly! [We are it!] Shiva is the ''ass'' ''hare'' or ''donkey'' that I've been chasing! She's mine! Your mine! Your ass is mine, like Michael Jackson says! or butt! Yo butt is mine! See, Vishnu, or Hari, is the Lord! And no one's higher than the Lord! But Vishnu is also called horse, as I told you Hara or Shiva is called Stallion! When horse meets horse, or stallion meets stallion!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation life sex molestation love part sanskrit title god order character destroyer supposedly preserver protector destroys regenerate plane level throne awaits justly hare donkey chasing ass michael jackson butt hari higher lord vishnu told hara shiva called horse meets stallion joshua aaron guillory

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