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Conversation with Li about life, sex, molestation, love, etc (Part 28 of 40) The goal of moderation is to rest! But you can't rest if you're not at peace! with yourself/ves! Or in peace with yourself/ves! Sometimes the negative is the positive! Negative [or a negation] from the sick or sickly habits or controls! Get back to loving and enjoying you! And letting others love and enjoy you! We need to surround ourselves with those who not only love us but who will love us in ways we need to be loved! And what we need is what we want! The gooder the want, the gooder the need! The gooder the need, the gooder the want! And yes, I could have said better! And could have also said I didn't want to! but I do! or did! ha-ha! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation life sex molestation part goal moderation rest peace ves positive negative negation sick sickly habits controls loving enjoying letting enjoy surround love ways loved gooder joshua aaron guillory

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