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Conversation with Li about life, sex, molestation, love, etc (Part 3 of 40) Josh: Without a woman's love! That's for sure, at least sometimes! or some degree all the times! Well, to answer the question in the context of your asking it, take me saying ''I want to molest you!'' The word ''molest'' can mean ''trouble''! or to ''vex'' or ''cause trouble''! But when you take a look at the ''lest'' part in it, you find etymologically ''lest'' means ''for fear that'' or ''that not''! Many time[s] it's your fear and not necessarily the person that is molesting you in a bad way! In other words ''it's not that''! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation life sex molestation josh woman love degree times answer question context word molest vex trouble part find etymologically means time fear necessarily person molesting bad words joshua aaron guillory

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