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Conversation with Li about life, sex, molestation, love, etc (Part 4 of 40) Li: I agree with what you say! and molest also means harass! What do you have to say about that, prince-charming? Josh: Well, my lady, My Chinese queen, you're turning me on right now with a word that contains ass! I want to get some of your ass right now! And it's funny that you called me prince charming, because in Sanskrit the word ''hara'' which is related to the word harass in English means''charming''! And of course, ''taking''! And ''removing'' as I want to do to your clothes and your fears! So I can take you and fuck you! And.... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation life sex molestation love part agree molest josh lady chinese queen turning ass funny called prince sanskrit hara related word harass english means charming removing clothes fears fuck joshua aaron guillory

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