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Conversation with Li about life, sex, molestation, love, etc (Part 5 of 40) There is another ''hara'' in Sanskrit which means ''seizer, destroyer, a stallion, or ass''! Ass as in donkey! But before I explain donkey, I would like to point out there is actually a word in sanskrit pretty much spelled the same [as harass], it's ''haras'' which is related to these words! And it means ''a grasp, grip, seizing, devouring, power of fire, flame, fire!'' Sounds like an act of harassment! A sexually inflaming, firey, or passionate seizing if you ask me! Now donkey, which is another word for ass, contains the word ''don'' and ''key''! Don represents ''power'' The or a force of power, or strength, leadership or greatness! You are the key to power! ''Dan'' is related to ''don' and it means ''judge''! The judge sits on high! God or Goddess is judge! You are the key to the throne! You see what I'm saying! Li: Yeah! go on! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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