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Conversations with Azarah (1 of 17) Azarah: Hey, Lord Josh! Josh: Hey, Azarah! Azarah: Thanks for talking with me today! Josh: You're welcome, my lord! Azarah: You're so respectful and loving! Josh: It's who I am! It feels so good being Lord, doesn't it? Azarah: It sure does! Josh: My life is absolutely perfect! I know I am the Lord! With as much wisdom and love as I have I must be the lord! Azarah: You know so much! And you have so much peace! Josh: Yes! It's a beautiful thing being me! I choose, decide and determine who I am and what I want to be! I can judge anytime I want to! I'm free to think and therefore free to judge! Azarah: I love you so much! You make your own rules and vibrate and exist with so much love! Josh: I love you, too, Azarah! You likewise vibrate with so much love and affection! You've done as any lord would do, cut off yourself from the evil or so-called negative energies!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations hey talking today respectful loving feels good life absolutely perfect wisdom peace beautiful choose decide determine anytime free judge rules exist josh azarah vibrate love affection lord cut evil called negative energies joshua aaron guillory

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