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Conversations with Azarah (10 of 17) Josh: Beautiful! And it is beautiful! So we can clearly see it has to do with sound, temperature, elevation, height, distance, etc., falling! the word hallelujah/halleluyah! Unique that the utterance and or desire of prayer is a lifting up and coming down! to heaven and from heaven! Pra-ise and pra-yer! similar spellings! And the i and y can be interchangeable! And a highest or hotness of heat as the ''er'' backwards in prayer is ''re'', a word for the Sun! and ''ise'' in praise is related to ''Isis'' or ''Isa'' or ''Isus''! the Light or Sun God! or Moon God! or light of the two, or in the two, or nature! Even praise has ''ra'' in it!'P'' can mean to ''speak'' or ''mouth'' the ''ra'' ''ise'' or ''sunlight''! the energy or power! the electro-magnetic power of the Lord! to the Lord and from the Lord! or praise of the Lord!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations azarah josh beautiful sound temperature elevation height distance falling hallelujah halleluyah unique utterance desire lifting coming heaven pra yer similar spellings interchangeable highest hotness heat prayer word related isis isa isus sun moon god light nature speak mouth ise sunlight energy electro magnetic power praise lord joshua aaron guillory

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