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Conversations with Azarah (11 of 17) Azarah: And even ''Helel'' the Hebrew Transliterated form supposedly of Lucifer can be spelled or spelt,''HELL''! or ''Hall''! As a praise or prayer is an entrance to god! As ''p'' or ''pey/pe'' can be a symbol or entrance, opening, or passage way! And ''hail'', considered to be by some obsolete, was another word for ''hale''! And hale also can mean ''to draw or pull by force; drag''! or to compel! And that's what praise does, moves us, compels us and God, our understanding of him to act! And to get us in harmony with his predetermined or predesigned act! or action! or force! We're moved to move! and to move him to move on our behalf! in harmony with the laws of physics or nature which are and already predestined or prenatured!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations azarah helel hebrew transliterated form supposedly lucifer spelled spelt hell hall prayer pey symbol entrance opening passage hail considered obsolete word hale draw pull drag compel praise moves compels god understanding predetermined predesigned act action force moved move behalf harmony laws physics nature predestined prenatured joshua aaron guillory

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