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Conversations with Azarah (13 of 17) Josh: There is power in our words! And it's good to pull them up with the heat or firepower of the soul! From the belly is good! Belly contain ''B'' and ''Heli'' which can mean the ''fire within'' or the ''fire of the body''! And also ''Bel'', who in some cultures or religions or tongues, is considered the ''Sun God'', and the word ''lie'', which can me to exist, or to sit or lay or reside! or be! That the belly is where the fire or Sun god resides! The heat or energy! The electric and or magnetic power or force! The healing! the health of the body and the soul! And can also be a hell if not controlled or allowed properly!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations azarah josh words pull firepower good heli bel cultures religions tongues considered word lie exist sit lay reside belly fire sun god resides heat energy electric magnetic power force healing health body soul hell controlled allowed properly joshua aaron guillory

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