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Conversations with Azarah (15 of 17) Josh: I agree! its everywhereness! And it's interesting that ''thero'', to heat, ''theros'', summer, is where we get ''therapon'' which is a source for the greek word heal and healing, and it means servant, or to serve! And ''therapon'' is related to the English word and thus a source for ''thereupon''! which means ''immediately or shortly after that'' or ''on it''! And sometimes that's the best healing or best for healing to come when we come to someone's aid quickly or immediately or when they need it! Shortly after hearing about it or feeling it or knowing it! immediately! being ''on it'! And likewise with ourselves taking action quickly and necessarily! Being ''there'' would be a good way to look at it! And also speaking about heat, realizing that it has a ''quickening'' or 'healing' power! heat, that is!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations azarah josh agree everywhereness interesting thero theros summer greek heal servant serve therapon related english word source means aid shortly hearing feeling knowing immediately action quickly necessarily good speaking realizing quickening healing power heat joshua aaron guillory

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