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Conversations with Azarah (16 of 17) Azarah: That was beautiful! and is! as always! And sometimes giving service or being served is therapy! I know you agree! Josh: Yes! I agree! and to some degree always! But as always or to some degree always, wisdom to judge rightly on when, who or how we should do the giving or service or the receiving or being served! Azarah: I agree! And sometimes those of our own household are the best healers or capable of healing! especially when we can trust them! and do trust them for our safety, healing or cure! Definitely a placebo effect to it! a belief and warmth of feeling! or love! love as the healing! Josh: Yes! it's good to be around those you're comfortable around! Azarah: You're right, Joshua! It was good talking to you! and listening! really good! and or Great! Josh: Likewise!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations beautiful therapy degree wisdom judge rightly giving service receiving served agree household healers capable trust safety cure placebo effect belief warmth feeling love healing comfortable azarah talking listening good great josh joshua aaron guillory

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