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Conversations with Azarah (7 of 17) Josh: And everything you are and say are beautiful and delicious! I love the taste of you and your words! You are your words and they taste good! Azarah: Will you eat them with some milk!? Josh: Yes! With the milk of love! Azarah: Awww.. You're gonna make me cry with love! Josh: And joy! so go ahead my dear boy! Azarah: Awww.. that was so cute! Josh: Thank you! You are a boy, girl, man, woman, god, goddess! You are what you are and want to be! in love! with love! for love! Azarah: Yes! Hallelujah to that! Josh: Thank you! And Halleluyah to your words! The word Hallelujah is related to the English word ''hale'' which means 'strong, whole, complete, and or healthy''! That's what I feel right now! I feel peace! Peace is strong, whole, complete and healthy! Azarah: And healing! You beautiful are your words! Josh: And so beautiful are your words, too, Azarah!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations delicious taste good eat milk gonna cry joy dear awww cute boy girl man woman god goddess love halleluyah hallelujah related english word hale means feel peace strong complete healthy healing josh beautiful words azarah joshua aaron guillory

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