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Conversations with Azarah (9 of 17) Azarah: I agree we must fall down or surrender for the work and to the work of world peace! It must become the [most] important! Lucifer fell down from heaven and so should we to live in remain in heaven! We must bow to the great work forever! Josh: Everywhere is heaven and so are we! We are in it forever! Whether we stand, bow, jump, leap or crawl or stand still, or sit, heaven is everywhere and everywhere is heaven! and everyone is heaven! Azarah: I agree! And the word ''hail'' has also to do with ''small, roundish pieces of ice or frozen vapor coming down from the clouds in a shower; frozen rain.'' - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations fall surrender world peace important lucifer fell live remain great work josh bow jump leap crawl stand sit heaven azarah agree word hail small roundish pieces ice vapor coming clouds shower frozen rain joshua aaron guillory

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