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Conversations with Debunka, Joshua, and Mrs. Hierling (6 of 12) Josh: The clouds are so beautiful today! The drawers are so beautiful to day! The lights are so beautiful today! The darkness is so beautiful today! The dark looks like light in world peace! Mrs. Hierling: Yes it does! Debunka: I agree! Josh: If this conversation were a movie, it would be the best movie ever! Mrs. Hierling: It's so lovely and perfect! Debunka: Yes, it is! You are the king of peace, Joshua! Josh: And so are you, Debunka! Thank you! Mrs. Hierling: And likewise with me and you, too! Josh: This conversation never gets old and yet it does! Mrs. Hierling: Surely! yes, indeed, in deed!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations clouds drawers day lights darkness beautiful today dark light world agree movie lovely perfect king peace debunka josh conversation hierling surely deed joshua aaron guillory

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