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Conversations with Debunka, Joshua, and Mrs. Hierling (8 of 12) Joshua: I told a girl (woman) the other day whose in love with me that I feel immortal! Debunka: Josh, all the women are in love with you! You're perfect! You have to be what you are! and accept who you are for you! as you do! Josh: Thanks! Mrs. Hierling: She's right, Josh! And I love when you suck my feet when I put it in your mouth! You truly know how to worship or praise a woman's beauty! You care so much for us! Debunka: I know, Mrs. Hierling, he's the perfect man! I felt that i should say that again! Everything about him is perfect! And I would love to massage his dick! Josh, may I massage your dick? Or can I massage your dick? Josh: Yes, my love! You may and can massage my dick! My dick is your dick! or stick! Drive it in manual, standard, or automatic! Mrs. Hierling: Perfect words! It makes perfect sense in world peace!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations told girl day feel immortal women accept suck feet mouth worship praise woman beauty care debunka man felt josh love massage dick stick drive manual standard automatic hierling words perfect sense world peace joshua aaron guillory

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