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Conversations with Debunka, Joshua, and Mrs. Hierling (9 of 12) Debunka: Yes, it does! and I will drive that dick! Ride that dick! And suck that dick! Mrs. Hierling: And I will fuck that dick, too! Josh: Thank you, gals! or guys [ha-ha]! Mrs. Hierling: Your dick is vmplif! Debunka: It makes us weak yet strong! Josh: It makes your strong in your weakness and weak in your strength! Mrs. Hierling: And strong in our strongness and weak in our weakness! Debunka: Yes! but it is all good! Mrs. Hierling: And is is all good! And I love the taste of your wood! Josh: Thank you! It's gracious and kind of you! I love to lick you all and suck your fingers! Mrs. Hierling and Debunka: Thanks, Josh! Mrs. Hierling: Anytime, my love! Debunka: My finger and body is waiting for you! Josh: And so is mine! Mrs. Hierling: And mine, my Valentine! Josh: So beautiful!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations drive ride fuck gals guys dick vmplif strength strong strongness weak weakness good taste wood gracious kind lick suck fingers anytime love debunka finger body waiting hierling valentine josh beautiful joshua aaron guillory

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