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Conversations with Josh and Ahvaley and Allah (13 of 21) Josh: I'm perfect! Everything I do is perfect! I'm all that! I'm so humbly arrogant and arrogantly humble, and arrogantly arrogant, and humbly humble all in the perfection of space and peace! Relativity and world peace! You understand! Ahvaley: Yes, indeed! You say everything right and correct! I worship you, my lord! You are so incredible; and beautiful; and perfect; and the greatest; and the loveliest! Josh: Aw... thank you, dear! You are, too! Ahvaley, you are greatness! And you, too, Allah! Ahvaley: Thanks, Ahvaley! Allah: Thanks, my Son! And my Father! I and you are one! Josh: Thanks, my children! and my parents and siblings! Allah: To be you or not to be you, that is the question! Josh: You are always me! You are space! And you know this! You are perfect! Allah: Thanks! And you, too, Ahvaley! You all are perfect!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations arrogantly arrogant humbly humble perfection relativity world peace understand correct worship lord incredible beautiful greatest loveliest dear greatness son father children parents siblings question josh space allah ahvaley perfect joshua aaron guillory

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