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Conversations with Josh and Carmen (13 of 13) Josh: Carmen? Carmen: What? Josh: You know what I'm thinking? Carmen: Yes! you love me and I love you! Josh: Yes! we're perfect! A match or union made in heaven! earth and life is heaven! everything in our world and life is heaven! our world is life and heaven! our world is world peace! Carmen: O yes, my darling! Hold my hand as we venture into the infinite space of love! Josh: Yes! [Narration: We hold hands and enjoy life happily ever after] [Narration 2: They're perfect! Josh and Carmen are perfect! and perfect together forever!] [Narration 3: whenever!] [Narration 4: however!] Peace! World peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations thinking match union earth heaven darling hand venture infinite space love hold hands enjoy life happily josh carmen perfect narration world peace joshua aaron guillory

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