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Conversations with Josh and Dante (2 of 13) Josh: Well, it's a great learning experience! And my world peace mentality stayed throughout the whole ordeal! And the only necessary temperamentalism, and i mean that word in a good way, as in righteous anger or concern, is what I allow[ed] to manifest from God through me for the sake of helping myself and others in future situations! I was positive as I talked to the representatives for my banking or so-called banking account, the legal fiction, and yet also with the first representative who was nice as the last, or friendly, i gave her the concernatory response or voiceage!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations dante josh great learning experience world peace mentality stayed ordeal temperamentalism word good righteous anger concern manifest god sake helping future situations positive talked representatives called banking account legal fiction representative nice friendly gave concernatory response voiceage joshua aaron guillory

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