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Conversations with Josh And Hardleon (7 of 14) Josh: Anything other than the truth is a lie! And the only lie that exists is no lie! Only truth exists! Only peace! The emptiness is the fullness! The foolness is the fullness! To only know truth is to be wise! And to not know anything contrary [or other than truth] is to be a wise fool! To be a true fool is the be wise! Hardleon: Right! And passcodes can also be givers or givings or receivers or receivings or for giving or receiving! If someone wants to explain something to you and you give them your attention, if or when that is wanted or necessary!... - Joshua Aaron Guilory
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conversations josh lie exists peace emptiness foolness fullness contrary truth true fool wise hardleon passcodes givers givings receivers receivings giving receiving explain give attention wanted joshua aaron guilory

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