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Conversations with Josh and Jocelyn (16 of 32) Jocelyn: Well, ''referring back'' as you like to put it, I would like to talk about something in relation to Indian or Indian people! East Indian, that is! And our talking about the not wanting to hear the truth that makes free! There's a chicken place in Orange, that some East Indian people took ownership of, actually it's two of them - two places with the same name that they've taken over, though one of them could be mistaken for an Arab - but particularly dealing with the one! This East Indian woman, not to put her to shame or least the intention is not that, sometimes would trickerize the orders if you ordered White meat instead of dark meat, as a way to cheat you out of the more expensive ''priced'' meal! In other words, she gets the money but you get the wrong order which has her coming out ahead!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations josh jocelyn referring talk relation talking wanting hear truth free chicken place orange people ownership places mistaken arab dealing east indian woman shame intention trickerize orders ordered white dark meat cheat expensive priced meal words money wrong order coming joshua aaron guillory

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