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Conversations with Josh and Jocelyn (19 of 32) Josh: I see what you're saying! While you were talking about that I was thinking about the word Jacob! As ''Jacob'' comes from a word which means to ''supplant''! To ''replace'' or ''cheat out of''! In other words, ''to steal''! As it is so-called! Everything is free but the intention and the state of things can determine what is right or wrong! at least in that relative thought! Like you see ''akabh'' a related word to Jacob means ''he beguiled''! He tricked! And before I continue, note that the word ''jack'' as in one ''jacking something'' or ''taking something'' is related and an alternate term or form of Jacob!..... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations jocelyn josh talking thinking supplant replace cheat words steal called free intention state determine wrong relative thought akabh means beguiled tricked continue note word jack jacking related alternate term form jacob joshua aaron guillory

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