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Conversations with Josh and Jocelyn (26 of 32) My truth remains the same whether or not people are in my company! I believe world peace is the only truth! And that everything relates to that! or it! And the goal and purpose of life is to live in that perfect peace! or state! That is the ultimate goal and should be everyone's individual goal if they're seeking true peace, as they should be, especially if they claim things like heaven and wanting peace in the world, and not with the fearful limitations of religious or political or cultural organizations! Josh: I agree! and totally! Truth should remain the same in truth! People or things can evoke, provoke, or invoke in us a response, but the truth of every response should be the natural truth inside us or based off that natural truth inside us if we're really in so-called truth! or living our so-called truth!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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