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Conversations with Josh and Jocelyn (28 of 32) I don't have to move on anybody's time clock and I certainly am no where close to giving up on anything! I will never give up on my message or my preaching my message for world peace! I'm only getting stronger in the infinitude of strongness! If I don't write or type something for two or three or fours days is no sign or indication that I've given up! It may just be a sign that I'm totally committed and immersed/emmersed in my thoughts or revelations! This is easy! Knowledge and revelation is easy! If you free yourself from all the limitations and restraints that are hindering you from true happiness and freedom, like those of religion politics or government, then you will be free and have so much life and energy and revelation come to you and [or] in you! I move as I'm led by the spirit! The spirit of truth! Peace!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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