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Conversations with Josh and Jocelyn (30 of 32) It's an insanity to believe what you don't believe and to use what you believe to be in favor of what you don't! The only way you can even mentally equate [or in some minds, compete] is for you to believe in the stuff or information or knowledge I'm preaching! You can't be an unbeliever and think you can go to all the depths and degrees of knowledge or information that I present and beat me! First off, if you're with me, or you're capable of equating or equaling me, you're not going to compete with me! because we live above the so-called competition of your society! that is, you who are reading or listening to this, or etc.! My system is so masterful and developed that you can only entangle yourselves and find peace in world peace as your deliverance or peace in your entanglement! My Kab[b]alistic system keeps me in peace and joy always!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations josh jocelyn insanity favor mentally equate minds stuff preaching unbeliever depths degrees knowledge information present beat capable equating equaling compete live called competition society reading listening masterful developed entangle find world deliverance entanglement kab alistic system peace joy joshua aaron guillory

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