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Conversations with Josh and Jocelyn (6 of 32) Jocelyn: And Pathetic can also be sourced from ''hectic''! Which derives from words like ''hektikos'' which means ''continuous or habitual'' and ''etique'' which means ''consumptive'' as in eating or a desire for eating! Many people have a desire for eating suffering! They crave suffering! They feel suffering in the sense of wanting it apart of their lives, rather than overcoming whatever suffering there is! You can learn from suffering but why learn to stay in it!? Relief is the goodness of suffering! Relief of course can mean ''back to life'' or back to health! You and I put so much effort and dedication in enlightening men with the truth! We deserve compensation! And we deserve, like everyone, the freeness or free enjoyment of earth!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversations josh jocelyn pathetic sourced hectic derives words hektikos continuous habitual etique means consumptive people desire eating crave feel sense wanting lives overcoming learn stay goodness suffering relief life health effort dedication enlightening men truth compensation deserve freeness free enjoyment earth joshua aaron guillory

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